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BITLEX GAMES - start 12.12.2019

BITLEX platform presents new TRON games: Dice, x50, Space, Horse Racing, Joker Poker, Plinko, Wheel Of Fortune, Soccer Slot, Fruits Slot, Scratch Fruit, Roulette 3D. All games supports betting, mining, jackpots, dividends and contest rewards.

Welcome to Bitlex!

Blockchain Games + Decentralized Exchange + Sports Betting

This is a large-scale universal platform for financial projects!

100% fair conditions for generating income for everyone. 

Every 10 minutes earnings of dividends from all platform projects.

Bright and exciting games! Big Wins!  Unique Jackpots!

Play slots, card games, horse betting.

These games come to life in the BITLEX game world!


Congratulations to everyone on the opportunity to purchase the promising LEX token at the lowest price!

Get 60% profit on the BITLEX platform and enjoy a luxurious life!


70 000 $ for BITLEX members!

1000 people who have met all AirDrop conditions will receive 70$ live!

This money is for you!



Dapp Investor

Our Staking Dapp is the entry point to the Dapp Investor ecosystem. Stake your TRX to earn dividends daily and make a position in the project!

Guess Game

Open treasure cases to get rewards. Each case has a different price and rewards of different value. The rewards are programmed in smart contracts. The program for calculating the winner is based on the generation of a random number based on the percentage chance of the prize. The more expensive the prize, the less chance of falling out.

How to play?

To start the game you need Tronlink

Install it from the link

Intstall TronLink

How can I replenish the balance?

You need to replenish your own TRON wallet

You can do this using any exchange you like on Bestchange

Bestchange exchangers are time-tested and in case of 3 negative reviews are immediately deleted from the site so you can not worry

How to withdraw funds?

When you win, your wallet will automatically receive a prize amount

How is the prize determined?

The program for calculating the winner is based on the generation of a random number based on the percentage chance of the prize. The more expensive the prize, the less chance of falling out.

What is a referral link?

A referral link is a link through which you can earn extra money on our project. Share the code with your friends and get 5% from each game of your friends


NEW TRON Gaming Platform! Play games and mine HRX tokens. Freeze your HRX to earn your share of TRX dividends!

HyperTRON is a blockchain gaming platform that allows users to connect via a TRON browser wallet (ie. TRONLINK) and play games for TRX. The platform will focus on Luck & PvP type games. Players will earn HRX tokens as a reward for wagering TRX on the platform.


HRX (Hyper Rewards Token) is a TRC20 token used as a reward mechanism for users that wager TRX within the HyperTRON platform. Initially for the first several stages HRX tokens will ONLY be available via "MINING". There will be no airdrop, no distributed tokens, and no tokens available in market.


"MINING" is a Proof of Play rewards concept. Users that participate and wager TRX within the platform win or lose will be rewarded in HRX tokens. Acquired HRX tokens can be FROZEN within the platforms dividends smart contract. Based upon the overall number of frozen tokens and the share of users frozen tokens, users will start to earn daily TRX platform dividends!


Tron Lounge is a new gaming platform based on Tron Network blockhain. Roulette, Dice, Mining + stable dividends for TLT users

1. How to play on the site?


To start the game you need to be authorized in the TronLink wallet or any other Tron Wallet (after authorization in the wallet, refresh the page on the site)


Refill your wallet the desired amount of TRX or TLT


Make your bets


2. Can I play from the phone?


Yes, for this you need to have a mobile application - wallet on your device, we recommend TronWallet, create or import an existing account and log in to the site


3. Do you have a replenishment commission or rates?


Small amount of energy or TRX may be charged for the transaction


4. What is a TLT?


TLT (Tron Lounge Token) is a TRC-20 token of the Tron Lounge platform, obtained by mining (for every 1000 TRX delivered in any game on the site, the user receives 1 TLT), and it can also be bought in the “mining” section (offer is limited)


TLT holders can receive fixed platform dividends in the Chips game (80% of all platform revenues, including from the sale of TLT, are automatically charged to the balance of the Chips game contract every 12 hours)


5. Is it possible to transfer TLT to other users?


Since TLT is a TRC-20 token, any actions are possible with it as with any other tokens, they belong entirely to you and you have the right to decide how to manage your funds (be careful not to fall into the tricks of fraudsters when transferring personal funds, administration the project will never ask you for private keys or funds from your wallet)


6. Why are games at the Tron Lounge safe?


The result of all the games is predicted in advance on the smart contract in a completely random way: for the best security, a hash is randomly created at the beginning of the round on the server and smart contract, after they are connected and create a hash used to generate the result, so no one can influence the outcome of the round . You can check the honesty of the result in the provably fair section.


The game "Chips" is completely on an open source smart contract, any user can check the contract code and make sure the system is honest and transparent. All actions are displayed on the blockchain, no one except the players has access to the funds on the balance of the contract, they are available for withdrawal to all users on an equal footing depending on the amount of dividends they receive.


Builder III



Builder 3 is a fully updated version of the popular game! Build the city of your dreams, invest in your own construction company. At your disposal are 8 types of buildings for construction.


Grow the economy of your construction company, get 100 EPICAL for every TRX contributed! Upgrade your office and increase the percentage of income using EPICAL tokens. Trade tokens on the TronWatch exchange!


Manage your income at your discretion: earnings from the construction company are equally distributed on the balance of the investor and the balance to withdraw. When buying a building, the investor's balance is fully used, and if there are not enough funds on it, the balance is credited from the balance to the withdrawal. Get dividends by freezing game tokens. Increase income from your construction company by attracting people to it through your referral link.

Tron RobotZ

Welcome to the economic game in which you can earn TRX by buying robots! You will receive free ALPHA tokens for each purchase in the game! Tokens will be used to receive dividends EVERY DAY, as well as in subsequent projects. We also have another nice feature - the prize fund, which is received by the person who was the last investor for two hours. After the player receives the prize fund, the fund begins to accumulate again.

In the game, you can earn income from buying robots, from referrals, from freezing and selling tokens. All income, except income from robots, is withdrawn automatically. 

Is it safe to invest?

The project is based on the smart contract on the blockchain TRON, so it is completely decentralized. All actions of each player are visible to all other players. The source code of the smart contract is freely available, anyone can read it. The project will always work exactly as described in the smart contract. Neither the creators of the project, nor any other people can change the logic of the contract.


How to interact with the game?

Interaction with the game is carried out by transactions in the TRON network, therefore, a browser extension of TronLink or TronPay or the Math Wallet mobile application is sufficient.


How to start making money?

In this game, you can make a profit in three ways: by buying robots, attracting referrals and freezing tokens to receive daily dividends. To increase income from the robots, you can upgrade your factory.


How is income accrued?

Income is accrued every 3 seconds and is immediately available for withdrawal.


How to get dividends?

Dividends will be paid automatically EVERY DAY.


Betfury is a hybrid i-gaming platform. Based on Tron blockchain with a combination of traditional gambling practices, Betfury provides a unique gaming experience for our users. We provide such in-house games as Dice, Auction, Crash, Circle, Plinko, and integrated Slots, Table Games and Live Casino from world-wide famous vendors. We are proud to provide not just excellent design and esthetic satisfaction from using our platform but also absolutely secure and fair gaming process. Here are some advantages that qualitatively distinguish us on the crypto gaming market and bring unique benefits to each Betfury user.

We provide such in-house games as Dice, Auction, Crash, Circle, Plinko, and integrated Slots, Table Games and Live Casino from world-wide famous vendors. We are proud to provide not just excellent design and esthetic satisfaction from using our platform but also absolutely secure and fair gaming process.

More info:

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Tewkenaire is an immutable defi (decentralized finance) smart contract that allows you to exchange Trx for "Tewkens". Tewkenaire is a unique cryptocurrency exchange powered by an autonomous smart contract that allows you to trade Tron (TRX) for Tewkenaire (TEWKEN) tokens. A tewken (Two-Ken) is a token that, to put it quite simple, mints you trx forever for the lifetime of the Tron blockchain, as long as you hold them in your wallet. Every Tewken holder receives Trx everytime any other tewkenaire user buys, sells, or transfers the token. The amount of TRX a Tewken holder receives is based on the amout of tokens said user is holding. For example, say there are 100,000 tewkens total. If you are holding 10,000 tewkens, you own 10% of the supply. This means that if some one where to sell or buy Tewkens, you would receive 10% of the 10% fee.

The First Tron PVP Dapp Game Platform PVP game: BattleShi, Monopoly Lucky game: RocketDice, FruitMachine, Mines, Keno, Classic Dice Rocket

Game supports betting mining, dividend, contest rewards now.

Platform Dividend Model

• All funds received by the platform as a profit form a dividend pool and are distributed among project token holders.

• BOMB tokens are awarded to users after each bet made. 

• Distribution of funds from the dividend pool is conduct by a smart contract every 24 hours. In the DIVIDENDS section on our website you can see a countdown timer till the next allocation of funds.

2. Socialization of the platform:

• The ranking system allows users to increase their level in the system depending on the amount of bets made. 

• Online chat helps users discuss game strategy, project development, and expand, strengthen the TronBomb platform community.

• Multiplayer games will add a lot of emotions and increase involvement in the gameplay.

• A multi-level referral system will allow platform promoters to receive high rewards, attracting new users and players to increase their winnings.




TRX: TFYuPxyjDTvH1TLm2phpzJFw7AhjCgu8xP