New Dapps Tron!

Welcome! We are not developers or administrators of these projects, we only show which projects on the Tron smart contract (TPX) are relevant now. Investing in these projects is a risk, so we do not encourage everyone to participate in this or that project, everyone decides for himself. Learn more about the project, chat with admins, find out the address and balance of the smart contract, etc. You can follow the link to the project. All profit!


1) Log in to your Tron Wallet

2) Select the match for which you want to bet on the xBET.GG main page

3) Click on the "BET" button under the command on which you want to put.

4) In the window that appears, enter the amount of the bet.

5) Confirm the transaction

6) Wait until the match starts and watch the online broadcast of this game, find out the result.

The system divides the money put on the losing team between people who bet on the winning team, in proportion to the bets they made.

Tron War

Tron War is a decentralized strategic investment game based on tron blockchain. build and develop your Army, attack your enemies and get the booty of war with Tron (TRX).


PVP game - Monopoly

Dice game - RocketDice

RocketGame supports betting mining,dividend,contest rewards now .

Tron City

Tron City is a gaming platform with investment cards that give dividends from the profits of existing games. 32 game cards are available for purchase. The profit received from the card is evenly distributed to gaming and free funds (to increase the duration of the project). When playing roulette, QZX coins for the cost of one game will be awarded for each spin. For a card won in roulette, you get the equivalent of the cost of a card in QZT: half in gaming, half in free. 100QZT = 1 TRX

Tron Invest


Choose your own business empire development strategy, distribute the income received wisely for getting more profit, compete with other players for the top place in leaderboard, improve and develop your own production and enjoy results!


Tron Auction is an evolution of classic “penny auctions”, but using TRON Smart Contracts, where each participant BETs fixed TRX price and becomes the Auction leader, if nobody bets it till the timer ends, the last Bidder WINs. 

You don’t need to be lucky in this Game, you just need to be able to BET more than other players and then you exactly win!


Commission fee for deposit: 10% of the deposit amount.

Fee for withdrawal: 4% from the amount.

Commission fee for transfer to another wallet: 1% from transferred amount.

Example - You have bought 10 000 CO2 for 100 TRX, than 10 TRX will be proportionally distributed through all CO2 owners.

33% of 10% charging fees sharing between users who has a referral link.

According to this model token pricing balancing by supply and demand from ecosystem’s users, herewith token is secured from manipulation.


Register to get a 1.5x mining bonus for 24 hours as soon as the the game is live.

TRONEW is a decentralized dice game where players have great chance to get full refunds of

their losing bets when they hit the lucky number. The game pays out dividends every

12 hours, each time 100%.


For every game played, players receive UFO tokens. To receive dividends, players have to freeze their UFO. A minimum of 1 UFO to freeze. Make sure that your UFO is frozen before the dividends countdown. 50% of the total dividends pool is distributed every 24 hours. The distribution process is automated through smart contracts. Dividends can be withdrawn at any time after the countdown, if not, dividends will be accumulated.

Tron Empire

Tron Empire is a decentralized economic strategy where you can earn TRX cryptocurrency every day.

Become a tycoon of your own transport company — buy and develop your transport, which will bring you real profit.



TronBULL has launched its new dice game. Roll Under & Roll Over features are available. Daily dividend and hourly wager reward. Refer your friends and earn 0.2% of total win. TronBULL will be one of the most valuable token in the tron platform. Mine before its too late.

Lucky ROI

GET from 1% to 10%, varying daily randomly. This is the first open source ROI game giving different ROI percent daily to each person randomly varying from 1 to 10 percent after every 24 hours.


First blockchain based real-time global multiplayer Snake game with Battle Royale gameplay.

Magic Button The Game

Just click the magic button, pay and wait until the next user does the same. You will receive 110% of the deposit. EASY!

Tronix Flex

Tronix Flex is the ultimate Tron investment fund that aims to revolutionize the outdated ROI systems. Made for sustainability and longevity, Tronix Flex has great new features unseen in any other ROI contracts. The interest rate is flexible and is set by the current balance of the contract, starting at 1% under 10K TRX and up to 7% when the balance reaches 100M TRX. Another main feature is the dynamic interaction between capital invested and dividends. When you withdraw your dividends the capital invested decreases accordingly, meaning that if you have a deposit of a 100TRX, withdrawing 10TRX would leave you with a 90TRX deposit fund. This is to encourage users not to withdraw until they achieve a profit.


TARoll is a decentralized game application (dapp) run by a TRON smart contract. It introduces a new return on investment (ROI) dividend model that can offer players high and sustainable passive incomes of up to 150% returns within days, regardless of when they begin playing.


TronWar is a decentralized Tron auction. It runs on a smart contract, so all betting and payouts are automatic.

Invite friends and earn TRX up to 3%.


Jacks or Better on TRON blockchain!

Planet Crypto

Flat Earth Crypto Rediscover the Earth and find out the truth. Conquer and be rewarded. Join to join the game.


TRV is a unique cryptocurrency exchange which allows you to earn dividends on every buy and sell on the exchange. The TRV tokens are TRC-20 tokens and the price of each is determined by the smart contract. As soon as you hold TRV tokens, you are continuously accumulating dividends from buys, sells and all current and future games. Join our growing community and start earning Bittorrented (BTT) today!

Dollar Divs BTT

Dollar Divs is a platform that offers games on the TRON (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) network. These are games where you have to put in TRON or BitTorrent. This cryptocurrency both have real value. Always keep in mind that these are games and that you should not see this as real investment. You can win a lot but also lose everything.


TRX Pro ROI - Sustainable and rates increase step by step


Dragon Castle(DC) is the Blockchain DApp game that use a TRX to defeat the monster and get reward.

By Playing Dragon Castle, user can obtain TRX and DC token as a reward.

User can freeze the DC token to receive the daily TRX reward from the User reward pool.

DC token will be variously used in future Blockchain games SkyPeople develops.


LiveGaming include Gambling games, casual games and board games. To facilitate DAPP’s ecodevelopment, our platform is dedicated to combining more gaming forms with Blockchain technology. 

Tron Jedies

Recruit glorious warriors that produce Gems, an in-game currency, which you could spend on training new recruits to produce even more Gems. Evenwhen you're not around! Besides, you could always sell excessive Gems for TRX and withdraw it directly to your wallet.

Tron 666

5% - 50% Referral Commission

From 2% to 3.5% per day, earn bonus rates over time

Rates automatically increase 0.05% per day when delay to withdraw

Transparent, sustainable, and fair to all investors join at different time

Verified and open source contract, 100% security guaranteed


TronSolo is the world's most beautiful, the most dazzling DICE game, I believe you will love her.


TRONDAY - is an economic strategic game, which you receive money reward in Tron cryptocurrency. 

Becoming a member of our project, you can run your own business, acquire and develop your production, which yields real profit. Play the game and earn cryptocurrency Tron every day!

Lord of the World

A game of strategy built on the Tron Blockchain. Take over the world by buying countries and win when your country sells for more or be the last to purchase a country when the time runs out to win the jackpot.


Tron Building is an exciting citybuilding economic strategy based on the Tron Network blockchain in which you can earn TRX cryptocurrency every day.

Choose your own business empire development strategy, distribute the income received wisely to get more profit, compete with other players for a place on the leaderboard, develop and improve your own production and enjoy the result!


TRONRich is a decentralized game platform based on the blockchain technology, with fairness, equality, transparency, openness and complete anonymousness. We have gone live various blockchain games written on TRON smart contract for global players. By utilizing the blockchain technology, the games rules could be utterly fair, players’ returns could be automatically distributed, players’ complete privacy could be protected, and every transaction is traceable. TRONRich platform and every game on it currently supports Chinese, English and will support more language versions to achieve the best user experience for global players.


TronFund is a decentralized, transparent, reliable and secure. Runs as a smart contract on Tron blockchain. 

Increase your Tron holdings and get from 3.9% up to 4.2% per day ROI forever. Now you are able to generate dividends in a secure and transparent manner. 

Instant payouts, withdraw your profit at any time. 


The first Multi-PVP game on Tron network


Transparent, sustainable, and fair to all investors join at different time

From 3.6% to 6.6% per day, earn bonus rates over time

Verified and open source contract, 100% security guaranteed

Honest ROI

The Honest ROI Investor Game For Tron Blockchain

Flat 1% Daily Rate While The Contract Balance Has Funds. Minimal 1% Maintenance Fee. No Fees On Reinvest, No Referral Fees, 99% Goes To The Pot.

HitDAPPs Fruit Farm

An idle game about planting trees and producing fruits. Fruits can be used to purchase more trees or convert them to TRX if enough conversion fund is available. There is also a timer based jackpot lottery game.

A high proportion of the 3 grade recommendation bonus is waiting for you to take.


TronFund smart contract generates 1-3.6% dividends per day based on your investment and distribute your dividends to your balance. For example, if you invest in the 3.6% plan, then you will get over 100% of your first deposit in 28 days. The dividends generate every second and you can withdraw or reinvest your dividends each second. When you reinvest, the total investment would increase and you will get more dividends.




TRX: TFYuPxyjDTvH1TLm2phpzJFw7AhjCgu8xP