Attention! Scammers!

The developers of these projects are scammers. They stole our funds, blocked websites, replaced smart contracts .. not good people. If you recognize them, never enter their projects.

This developer brought all the funds of investors through a hole in the contract.

They replaced the smart contract at the start, the money of the people went into the wallet to the fraudsters. Then they closed the site. You can return your funds deposit (ROI) via

Contract address: TMg32sQEW45NDGVmJChT4TRTsZj6aoiDFb

Click Write contract

Then withdraw


Shut down the site, now people can withdraw funds via

Contract address: TMYCGwpiDR9KtDsiGc2RTcHwE1qAjpTX91

Click Write contract

Then withdraw


The developers stole depositors' funds, then closed the site.