Tron Gambling


Tronext - New TRON platform created for you. Play games on Tronext platform to gain our TNX tokens. For example, Slots or a Dice. No matter if you win or lose, your balance of TNX will grow anyway! Our advantages: - Play games, mine TNX token and earn dividends every hour. - 3 level Referall System up to 15% - Real rewards - Simple and Accessible - Giveaway 1 000 000 TRX


TRONRAIDER is a series of games on TRON. Challenge monsters in the dungeon, raid TRX and earn dividend token RUBY.


DooTron is a community-focused gaming platform on TRON where all the participants can easily access and will be rewarded for their participation in the ecosystem. We ensure fairness, transparency and privacy by leveraging blockchain technology in this platform.


OCDapp is a DApp platform incubated by the ODYESSY team. OCDapp Platform is dedicated to building a decentralized and cross-chain DApp platform open for all users. In the beginning, we will launch DApps designed by Odyssey team. And we will develop more interesting and innovative DApp games based on users' requests and feedback. OCT is the only and general token for this platform in the future.

888 Tron

DICE 52 is an unique game with WIN chance 96.15%.

Gear of Fortune is a short version of roulette with a payout ratio of 20:1. All profits of the platform will be distributed among the token holders.

Play, Mine tokens and Earn dividends!


By combining our experience in providing users with thrilling games and our expertise in blockchain technology, we will remove all the nasty sign-ups, shady house edges, and poor player experience to create TRONBET: The world’s first trustless, permission-less, and high-performance e-gaming platform on the TRON network.