Tron Games


Tron Building is an exciting citybuilding economic strategy based on the Tron Network blockchain in which you can earn TRX cryptocurrency every day.

Choose your own business empire development strategy, distribute the income received wisely to get more profit, compete with other players for a place on the leaderboard, develop and improve your own production and enjoy the result!

Orca Tron Game

Once you deposit TRX into the contract, you can choose multiple projects to invest, every hour each project invested will generate profits, 50% of the profit will be available in Investable VCC and the other 50% will be available in Withdrawable VCC which you can withdraw into your wallet. You can withdraw as long as there is fund in Smart Contract.

HitDAPPs Fruit Farm

An idle game about planting trees and producing fruits. Fruits can be used to purchase more trees or convert them to TRX if enough conversion fund is available. There is also a timer based jackpot lottery game.


A high proportion of the 3 grade recommendation bonus is waiting for you to take.

Tron's Craft

TRON's Craft - build your city on the TRON blockchain!

Tron Knight

Tron Knights is an investor-based idle game with dividends, where you recruit and train valiant mercenaries to produce as many Gems and Glory as possible. Build up your army, sell excessive Gems for TRX, and earn Glory for larger dividend payouts. Invite your friends and receive even more Gems!


Welcome to the fascinating online game with earnings of cryptocurrency TRON (TRX)! Immerse yourself in the game and a mystical world of magical owls bringing money. 

Learn magic and get a stable profit. The recipe for success and earnings is simple. Earn TRX by buying virtual owls. Each owl is subject to its own element, collect them all and become the master of the enchanting forest. Earn and withdraw profits every hour. 

TRONLAND© - is the economic strategy, participating in which you receive money reward in Tron cryptocurrency. 

Gamers are supposed to bring their plantations to prosperity by developing the production and making profit from the export crop sale. 

Engage in farming, turn an honest penny!