TronDappsToken (TDT)


TDT Token holders will receive dividends from profits from referral links, advertising dapp projects on our website.

1TDT = 0,1 TRX

Sales period 02.05.2019-02.12.2019

Total number of tokens 30 000 000

Why is it possible to earn a Dapps Tron (TRX)?

Dapp applications are developed on the smart contract Tron (TRX). This increases the reliability of investments, because even if the developer’s site closes, you can withdraw your funds directly via smartcontract. Almost every day we post new applications. We will earn with the help of referral links located on the site, and advertising from the developers of Dapp. This profit will be shared with you. Acquire a token TDT in just 0.1TRX throne in the period 05/02/2019 - 12/02/2019 We will improve our site, blog on social networks, and more and more will attract people to the world of dapp.

Why TRON network?

Scalability – TRON’s network is capable of handling almost 2000 TPS (transactions per second), with the possibility of growing over time.


Transactions – TRON gives out 5000 bandwidth a day for users to conduct transactions. Users can also freeze TRX when bandwidth runs out.

Smart contracts use energy for transactions, and TRON allows the option for developers to freeze their TRX to pay this on the user’s behalf.